Keese School Spring 2022 End of Semester Daytime Classes Survey
This is a survey for the Keese School spring 2022 semester regarding just the daytime classes. We would like your feedback and suggestions on subjects such as whether the courses met your expectations and suggestions you might have for improving them. YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS AND ACCOUNT ARE NOT PART OF THE SURVEY RESULTS RETURNED TO US, THUS THE SURVEYS ARE ANONYMOUS UNLESS YOU IDENTIFY YOURSELF IN YOUR ANSWERS TO THE LONG FORM QUESTIONS.
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How did you register for the Spring 2022 Semester daytime classes? *
Approximately how many daytime classes did you register?
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Did you pay $5 and attend any individual Great Decisions classes? If so, how many? (You might have registered for $1 for the course without the booklet but were still asked to pay $5 at one or more lectures. If you paid the full $31 registration fee and got the booklet or did not register for the course, choose NA.)
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If you registered for John Locke's course on the Crusades, how many individual classes did you end up attending?
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Please discuss how effective you course instructors were at teaching the classes that you attended. Your answers are anonymous.
Do you have any suggestions for the instructors of the courses you attended?
Do you have any suggestions for the Keese School regarding individual courses, daytime classes as a whole or suggestions for future topics and/or instructors.
What kinds of daytime classes would you like to see more of? Check all that apply.
Click the Submit button below, to have the answers sent to us. Thanks very much!! We will use your inputs for future Keese School classes, lectures, and performances.
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