I SEEK TO REPRESENT YOU BETTER AT THE STATE HOUSE. Please answer the following 12 questions and let me know any other concerns you have about Middletown, Portsmouth, & Rhode Island that you would like to see addressed?
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Should the State increase funding for K-12 Public Education? *
Should the State continue the pilot Promise Program to provide 2 years of free college at CCRI, URI, or RIC? *
Should the Promise Program be expanded to cover 4 years? *
Should the State change our laws to prohibit carrying a concealed weapon on school property unless you are a police officer? *
Should the State do more to address sea level rise in our coastal communities? *
Should the State fund programs to increase renewable energy in our state? *
Should the State increase the minimum wage over the next 5 years to $15 per hour? *
Is protecting a woman's right to choose important to you? *
Should the State increase funding for senior centers? *
Does the State or our town need more affordable housing? *
Do you think Veterans should have to pay State income tax on their pension earnings? *
Should the State commission a study to determine if a single payer/medicare for all healthcare system could work in RI? *
Should the State invest in opioid addiction substance abuse programs? *
Should the State fund the position of Inspector General? *
How do your rate State roads on Aquidneck Island? *
Please provide your contact information below so that we can confirm you live in District 72 and reach you if I have further questions on your responses.
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Thank you for your input and time. Best, Terri
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