Feedback Survey for CIS 530 - Spring 2019
Did you enjoy the class?
What is your major / graduate degree?
Your answer
Would you recommend the class to people in your major / degree?
Would you recommend the class to people in other majors / degrees?
Which other majors / degrees?
Your answer
How did you discover this class?
Which of the following courses had you taken prior to this course (or which you took concurrently with the class)?
What did you think about the level of difficulty of the programing assignments?
Did you do the programming assignments with a partner when it was allowed?
Did working with a partner improve your learning experience?
Would you have been able to complete the assignments on your own without a partner?
Where there any instances where you or your partner did not contribute any effort to a joint assignment?
Please give your feedback on these topics
Drop this topic next year
Needs substantial improvement
Fine as is
One of my favorite topics
Text classification / Sentiment Analysis
Text Processing
N-gram LMs
Vector Sematics
Logistic Regression
Neural Net LMs
POS tagging and Sequence Models
Machine Translation
Question Answering
Automatic Speech Recognition
Dialog Systems / Chatbots
Information Extraction
Grammars and Parsing
Are there any topics that I didn't cover that you would like to see added?
Your answer
Did you like the fact that the class featured guest lectures from experts in the field
Which guest lecturers should we invite back next year?
Leave a line blank if you skipped the lecture
N/A didn't attend
Don't invite back
Maybe invite back
Definitely invite back
João Sedoc (Chatbots)
Jacob Devlin (BERT)
Eric Fosler-Lussier (Automatic Speech Recognition)
Shyam Upadhyay (Cross-Lingual Representations)
What faction of the lectures did you attend?
There were ~28 lectures in total.
If you missed 5 or more lectures, is there something that would motivate you to attend more often?
Your answer
Please rate the homework assignments
Leave a line blank if you skipped the assignment, or if your partner did all of the work.
Terrible, definitely replace it next year
Needs improvement
Good assignment
One of my favorites
HW1: Python Skills
HW2: Text Classification
HW3: Vector Space Models
HW4: Advanced Vector Space Models
HW5: N-Gram LMs
HW6: Neural LMs
HW7: Named Entity Recognition
HW8: Learning Hyernyms
Do you have any feedback on the assignments?
Were there any assignments where the instructions were not clear enough? Which ones? Do you have suggestions on how to improve any of the assignments for next year?
Your answer
Were the quizzes a good way of getting you to do the readings?
Any comments on the quizzes?
Your answer
Did you enjoy the open-ended final project?
What should the final projects be next year?
Did you feel the amount of time given for the final project was reasonable?
Would it be worthwhile if the professor adapted the course so that it satisfied the CIS project requirement?
How much more rigorous would the homework assignments and final projects in this class need to be in order to match the level of effort of other CIS courses that fulfill the project requirement?
Did your professor have any unconscious ticks that were distracting?
For example: talked too quietly, said um too much, weird fashion sense.
Your answer
Any feedback on how the TAs could be better?
Your answer
Any feedback on how to improve the course, or how to be a better teacher?
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