Community Event Request Form
Do you have a small event that you would like to hold in Science Gallery Dublin? We welcome proposals that have a clear connection to Science Gallery Dublin's mission to ignite creativity and discovery where science and art collide.

Please read the following guidelines carefully before submitting a proposal. Event proposals will be assessed on how they fulfil Science Gallery Dublin's events strategy and the gallery's capacity to support the event.

On pages 2-4 you will find a 19-question form that will cover all aspects of your event. If you already have the details of your event planned, the form should take no longer than 5 minutes to complete. Once submitted, we will respond to your request within one week.
1. The event is being organised by a local community, amateur group, university society, social enterprise, education organisation, engaged research or citizen science practitioner.

2. This event request is at minimum 30 days in advance of the proposed event date.

3. The event's theme is strongly related to the current exhibition (please see for details) or centred on any of the following themes: Science, Humanities, Health, Technology, Engineering, Art, Culture, and Design.

3. The event is open to the public.

4. Your event is free of charge. If there is to be a ticket price, a split will be agreed in writing in advance of ticket sales.

5. You have the resources to run the event yourself without requiring additional staff.

6. Science Gallery Dublin should be acknowledged as a supporter of the event on any promotional material with a link to Science Gallery Dublin's website.

7. For evening events, we put priority on events that fall on a Thursday to coincide with our late opening (until 8pm).
- We offer a room free of charge for events up to 4 hours.

- The rooms will be available during the exhibition opening hours only. Visit for a list of hours.

- The rooms available are: Paccar Theatre, Studio 1, Studio 2, Accenture Gallery. Visit for more information on room size and arrangement.

- The availability of any of the rooms is not guaranteed on a specific date. We will work with you to find a date suitable to both parties.

- The event will be advertised on our website and we will post events at least two weeks in advance.

- It is possible, though not guaranteed that your event will be included in Science Gallery marketing and social media.

- Your event will be covered under Science Gallery Dublin's public liability insurance.


- An overhead projector or a TV screen can be provided in each room free of charge.

- One lectern mic in the Paccar Theatre will be provided free of charge.

- Any other additional tech/staffing requirements will require a technician to be hired at a minimum cost of €150.
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