Deer Assistance Hunter Register
Complete this form if you hold a NSW General or Restricted Game Hunting Licence and would like to assist landholders manage wild deer. Submitting this form means your contact information will be added to the Deer Assistance Hunter Register that can be accessed by landholders within the LLS region you expressed interest in hunting.

The Deer Assistance Hunter Register is managed by the NSW DPI Game Licensing Unit. Your information is used and stored according to the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998. Read our full privacy statement at the end of this form. Landholders seeking hunters to assist them with deer on their property will only be provided with necessary contact details and information provided in Section C of this form.

Section A: Applicant Information
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Section B: Preferred Region
There are 11 Local Land Services (LLS) regions in NSW. If you are unsure of what areas are covered by each LLS region, you can find a map of the LLS regions here -

You may indicate your preference for any or all of these areas. You must nominate a minimum of one LLS region for your application to be considered.

What LLS region Deer Hunter Register would you like to be added to? *
Section C: Extra Information for landowners
Provide more information that the landowner can use when considering available hunters.
When are you available to hunt? *
What hunting methods do you use?
Would you spotlight deer?
Would you prefer to camp on site?
Are you mobile enough to hunt on multiple properties?
Have you previously hunted deer species?
Would you be willing to take meat from harvested deer?
Are you able to remove whole deer carcasses from the property?
Section D: Declaration
I authorise the NSW Department of Primary Industries Game Licensing Unit to place my name and contact details on a Deer Hunter Register to allow landholders to contact me for support in managing wild deer on their property. *
Privacy Notice
The personal information provided by you in this form is subject to the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998. It is being collected by NSW Department of Industry (which includes the Department of Primary Industries) and will be used for purposes related to your application under the Game and Feral Animal Control Act 2002. Provision of this information is voluntary and where relevant information is not provided this may lead to your application being refused, delayed or not further considered. You have the right to request access to, and correct details of, your personal information held by the Department. Further information regarding privacy can be obtained from the NSW Department of Industry website
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