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1. Approximately 10 minutes either side of the designated pick up or drop off time should be allowed, depending on distance, especially in the first couple of days of travel.

2. Buses are unable to wait if students are not at the designated pick up points in the morning on time. Every effort will be made to advise parents if there is a problem with the bus service. Should the bus fail to arrive in the morning within a reasonable time other arrangements should be made to take children to school. Any taxi costs incurred will be reimbursed by the school. For reasons of safety and insurance bus monitors are advised not to collect students by taxi.

3. Changes to arrangements confuse young children and affect others on the route, and should therefore be kept to a minimum. The school should be informed on each occasion when children are not to travel on the bus. Children under age 12 should not be told to get off at any other than their normal stop.

Any enquiries relating to bus arrangements should be directed to administration. In cooperation with the contractor the school aims to provide as efficient and safe service as possible. In the interests of all concerned, the school reserves the right to withdraw the service without refund in individual cases in the event of any abuse or failure to adhere to normal bus procedures and guidelines.

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