Fall Youth Rowing Survey
Please complete this survey to the best of your ability so that I can better estimate the number of youth participants in each age group. Also please complete this form if you are planning on trying rowing for the first time during recruitment.
Email address *
Name of Rower *
Parent Name *
Parent Cell *
What age will the rower be on Dec 31, 2021 *
What grade will the rower be going into this Fall? *
Will the rower be joining the youth team for the Fall season? *
What will the rower be doing for school this Fall? *
Is there any time other than the regular practice schedule of weekdays 3:45 pm for high school and 4:30 pm for middle school that you rower can attend a practice session? *
Has the rower or anyone in the immediate family, household member or friend been diagnosed with Covid-19? *
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