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Are you interested in becoming a seller on Please fill out this form to submit your information to our Merchandising team! Your application will be carefully considered. We are most interested in high quality branded goods for women and families shipped directly from brands or experienced online sellers with incredible photography. We have a ChannelAdvisor and ShipStation integration and require sellers to ship direct to consumers within 3 business days. We do not accept counterfeit goods or items located outside of the USA or Canada. We are currently not accepting applications for businesses that have little experience shipping direct to customers or selling on marketplaces. Our listing fee is $30 per month for up to 500 products. We currently aren't accepting personalized goods.
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I acknowledge that by selling on, I am aware that my pricing can not be more expensive on than elsewhere online.
I acknowledge that has strict MSRP rules and that my Retail prices are valid, not inflated and researchable elsewhere online or offline.
I acknowledge that sells quality products and isn't interested in products that are manufactured cheaply or that have high return rates.
I acknowledge that has strict seller compliance processes and orders need to be shipped within 72 business hours.
I acknowledge that is obsessed with Customer Service and should I become a seller, we have Customer Service expertise and will treat customers like we would want to be treated.
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