Ethics and Global Citizenship Living/Learning Community Application
LLC students have the opportunity to engage with contemporary ethical challenges—from climate change to health inequality to global migration through activities both on campus and in the community. Through the annual student designed research service learning trip and on campus dinners, social events, a half-credit course in the fall, and discussions with faculty and guests, The Ethics and Global Citizenship LLC provides unique networking opportunities. All undergraduate students are eligible to apply. Joining the community does not preclude other affiliations and past participation in a KIE program is not a requirement.

The living community is ideal for students interested both in ethical questions of all kinds and what it means to be an ideal citizen. Residents will have the opportunity to shape discussions through leadership roles and personal ethical interests.

The Global Citizenship and Ethics Living/Learning Community does not charge dues, so students only incur the usual costs of room and board.

Please contact Suzanne Shanahan ( with inquiries.

Application is due at Noon on March 1st.
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