UCLA UniCamp Volunteer Application
Thanks for your interest in applying to UCLA UniCamp! Please read the role description and FAQ at unicamp.org/apply

APPLICATION DUE Friday, January 17 by 11:59pm. Applications received after may not be considered.

QUESTIONS? Email us at ccpds@unicamp.org
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UniCamp volunteers choose a "camp name" they go by instead of their real name. Be creative! (Feel free to leave blank if you can't think of one yet.)
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Campers are separated into boys and girls cabins, supervised by volunteers day and night. Please choose the cabin type you would feel most comfortable being housed with. Private changing areas and restrooms are provided in every cabin.
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Focus on experience with kids (e.g. babysitting, student teaching, etc.) and with outdoor recreation (e.g. lifeguarding, mountain biking, etc.). Leadership and service experience is also relevant. (NOTE: Experience is *not* a requirement but is preferred.)
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Returning volunteers only: Describe your previous experience in UniCamp
e.g. Session 1, 2018 (Girls Counselor). Session 2, 2017 (Pool Specialist).
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These questions are mandatory and reflect the requirements to be a UCLA UniCamp volunteer.
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UCLA UniCamp is independent from the University. All volunteers are required to fundraise $450 (~$24 per week starting Week 6).
By law, UCLA UniCamp volunteers must go through a criminal history background check.
I have read and understand the role description (at unicamp.org/apply)
Will you be at least 18 years old on June 16, 2019? *
All UniCamp volunteers are required to be at least 18 years old by their week of camp.
Have you ever been convicted of, or are presently under investigation for any matter related to child abuse or sexual misconduct with minors? *
If "yes" to previous question, please explain
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What are your commitments for Winter and Spring quarters? *
e.g. School: 35hr/wk, Family: 10hr/wk, etc.
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Include any tentative commitments (study abroad, internships, etc.)
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Chart of UniCamp's 2020 dates. Also available at unicamp.org/apply
AcademiCamp is a session partnered with Horace Mann UCLA Community School. Volunteers will work with faculty and staff from Mann to run a week of camp focused on social and emotional learning.

The Village Session is partnered with The Village Nation. The week of camp empowers Black American youth to achieve their full potential by providing them with guidance from elders, resources for success, and immersing them in African culture. Campers from all ethnic backgrounds are welcome.
Please sort the sessions by preference *
Note that some dates are more popular than others so while we will try to give you your first preference, we appreciate your flexibility.
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SESSION 1: June 20-27 (Trainings Wednesday 7-9pm pm)
SESSION 2: June 26 - July 3 (Trainings Wednesday 7-9pm pm)
SESSION 3: July 5-12 "The Village Session" (Trainings Tuesdays 7-9pm)
SESSION 4: July 11-18 (Trainings Thursdays 8-10pm)
SESSION 5: August 1-8 "AcademiCamp" (Trainings Tuesdays 7-9pm)
SESSION 6: August 7-14 (Trainings Thursdays 8-10pm)
Please list references who can help us understand you. Try to include references from different categories: Professional (e.g. prior job/volunteer supervisor), Personal (e.g. friend/family who can speak to your strengths/weaknesses), and UniCamp (e.g. past LSHIP or co)
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Include Name, Relationship to you, and contact info (email address and phone preferred)
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Include Name, Relationship to you, and contact info (email address and phone preferred)
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You can email us at ccpds@unicamp.org at any time if you have questions later!
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