2020 Amazinators, LLC Virtual STEAM Camp Waiver Form
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By enrolling my/our child(ren) in the Amazinators, LLC Virtual Summer Camp, I/We acknowledge and agree that I am/We are the primary caretaker(s) of my/our child(ren) at all times, and as such, I/We agree that I am/We are assuming the risk of participation in any Amazinators, LLC Virtual Summer Camp Activities and that I am/We are solely responsible for any incidents or injuries to my/our child(ren) during any such Activities. In the event my/our child(ren) sustain(s) any injuries during Amazinators, LLC Virtual Summer Camp Activities, I/We agree that Amazinators shall have no liability for same, or that I/We shall fully and finally indemnify Amazinators, LLC for any such liability. I/We further agree that this acknowledgment and agreement shall be enforced to the fullest extent possible, and that to the extent any portion hereof is found not to be enforceable, the remaining portion shall remain in full effect.
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