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As many of you know, I write the (sporadic) Podcast Love newsletter and teach audio reportage at NYU. As the writer of this newsletter and a professor at NYU, I'm interested in building a stable of "essential" radio feature stories. (I put "essential" in quotes because I want to avoid the creation of a staid canon curated by a single person.) I'm hoping to highlight a diverse array of fantastic stories in my class — but also, to create a free curated newsletter featuring these pieces so I can share them with the world.

To that end, I'm soliciting submissions (from you!) of documentary-style pieces, narrative nonfiction, or whatever you may call them. I'm also open to stories that don't conform to the documentary form — especially stuff like audio fiction. I want stuff that you think is so good that everyone in the world should know about it. They can be from any time, ever, and include things that aren't even released as podcasts.

If you have questions, please leave comments below, or email alex@podcast.love.
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