Native American & Indigenous Studies @ Tufts petition
After a successful push for Indigenous Peoples Day at Tufts, and our third celebration this year with a week of events, we renew our call for Tufts University to support Indigenous students, scholars, and movements at Tufts and beyond through the creation of a Native American and Indigenous Studies (NAIS) minor within the Race, Colonialism, and Diaspora department. Several academic departments, faculty members, and administrators have expressed support for this initiative, but for this to move forward we need to show the support and interest of students and other Tufts community members!

We also acknowledge the calls of other students and faculty drawing attention to the departure of several faculty of color last year; of students in the RCD demanding increased hires in Asian American Studies, Africana Studies, Latinx Studies, and Colonialism Studies; and standing with faculty who have been under attack for their scholarship and activism rooted in justice.

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