Fire of Truth Satsanga Volunteer Information
Volunteers are the heart of Fire of Truth Satsanga, creating community and providing various forms of support for the organization. We sincerely appreciate your willingness to support and share this work through volunteering.

Fire of Truth volunteers are a valuable part of the organization and help by sharing this work with those who can benefit by word of mouth, social media and other avenues; providing program support for program participants and providing administrative support for the organization to run smoothly.

We are using this form to collect volunteer interest, contact and role information so we can communicate more clearly with you. Please fill out each question and let us know if you are interested in volunteering in any other ways. After you fill out the form we will be in touch to discuss volunteer opportunities.

Thank you again for your service and if you have any questions, please contact us.

With love,
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We really appreciate your commitment to volunteering. We would like to get a sense for how much volunteering you would like to do. We ask volunteers for a 6 month commitment, or completion of a volunteer task/project to create a smooth experience for both volunteers and the organization. If you want to volunteer for longer, we welcome your help.
What type of volunteer involvement works well for you? *
We each come to volunteering with our own unique strengths. Please check those that fit you.
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Thanks again for completing the volunteer form. If you've indicated interest in volunteering, we'll be in touch soon.
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