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Fill in your details and order below. We will have your tickets ready for you at the event, so you can go trade in your tickets to collect food and drinks... cashless!

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You will need to fill in your payment details at the bottom of your order here. Banking details are at the bottom of this online order form.

Happy ordering... and enjoy your Spielwelt-Oktoberfest experience!! :-)

Any questions? Email the organisers at oktoberfest@spielwelt.org.au
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Family small ($20): 1 Spanferkel with 2 sides; 1 Weisswurst with roll; 1 Bratwurst with roll; 2 beers; 2 non-alcoholic drinks. ($20, save $6).
Family large ($35): 2 Spanferkel with 2 sides; 1 Weisswurst with roll; 1 Bratwurst with roll; 2 beers; 4 non-alcoholic drinks; 2 desserts. ($35, save $7).
Kids small ($6): 1 Bratwurst with roll; 1 dessert; 1 non-alcoholic drink. (save $1)
Kids large ($8): 1 Bratwurst with roll; 1 dessert; 2 non-alcoholic drinks; 1 salad. (save $2)
Spanferkel with 2 sides: $10 per serving
Weisswurst with roll: $4 each
Bratwurst with roll: $4 each
Kartoffelpuffer (potato veggie patty) with sauce (vegetarian)
Salad: $2 per serving
Super Sauerkraut (no Oktoberfest is complete without this!): $2
Pretzels of course! $2 per serving
Beautiful Bread Roll: $1 each
Delicious German dessert (your choice on the night): $2 per serving
Home-brewed Beer 500mL: $3
Radler (shandy, ie beer and soft drink mixed) 500mL: $3
Non-alcoholic drink of your choice, 200mL: $1
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Scouts Aust ACT Pfadfinder
BSB 032 778
Account 334067
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