Love Gone Wild -- Conference Survey
Thank you for participating in our event. We hope you had as much fun attending as we did organising it.

We want to hear your feedback so we can keep improving our logistics and content. Please fill out this quick survey and let us know your thoughts and helpful comments for future event planning (your answers will be anonymous unless you add your name right at the end).

How long have you been an RWA member? *
Which of the following do you consider yourself to be? *
How did you find the registration process? *
How do you think we could improve the process bearing in mind that we don't have the facility to split payments at this time.
What was your main reason for attending Love Gone Wild? *
Do you think the price of $825 for all events to be fair this year, keeping in mind the rising costs of bigger hotels for more delegates? *
Did you stay at the Pullman or Mercure? *
Do you think staying at the hotel enhances your conference experience? *
Please rate your hotel experience *
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Loved the hotel
Did you attend the Friday workshop? *
Did you think the Friday workshop price was fair? *
If you did attend the Friday workshop, would you like to provide any helpful feedback?
Please rate the cocktail party *
Did not attend
Absolutely loved it!
Would you like to see the cocktail party as its own separately ticketed event to save costs and decide yourself if you would like to attend? *
Do you have any feedback on the cocktail party?
Please rate the gala dinner *
Did not attend
Absolutely loved it!
Do you have any feedback on the gala dinner?
Do you think the Brisbane program offered a good variety of craft sessions? *
Do you think Brisbane offered a good variety of business sessions? *
Do you think Brisbane offered great plenaries and panels? *
Please give us your feedback about the program *
Please give three speaker names you would like to see at a future conferences
Did you pitch and was it successful? *
Did you participate in the paid manuscript assessments? *
Would you like to see the manuscript assessments as a regular pitching item? *
Do you have feedback about either the pitching or the manuscript assessments?
Was this your first conference? *
If this was your first conference, will you come back next year?
Were you interested in the Sydney 2018 conference announcement? *
Knowing that costs will rise every year, do you still plan to attend the RWA conference in Sydney in 2018? *
Do you have any helpful comments or suggestions for the Sydney team or the conference coordinator?
How satisfied were you with your overall conference experience? *
Not satisfied
Best conference ever!
Any overall feedback for the event either before or during?
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