#StrongerTogetherABY Business Promise
The Promise: "As a member of the Albany Area business community, I am committed to putting health and safety first. And as a leader in this community, I have a responsibility to provide a safe environment for everyone who comes to my business. I have the opportunity to help achieve the shared goal of health, happiness and a resilient economy in the Albany Area."

By sharing that you have joined the #StrongerTogetherABY Promise you are helping empower businesses and patrons to take actions that will keep our people and our economy healthy. You commit to being a
#StrongerTogetherABY ambassador by promoting the program and influencing others to join in this effort.

Please complete the form below to receive access to a full digital toolkit of resources to share your commitment, including social media posts and signage for your business; PPE for your work force; and access to the Unified Standards COVID-19 Safety Training.

Learn more at www.StrongerTogetherABY.com or call the Albany Area Chamber of Commerce at (229) 434-8700. Follow us on Facebook for timely updates.
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