2023 Camp CHOF Staff Application - Thank you for your interest in applying for a position at Camp CHOF for the summer of 2023.  We are excited to see how the Lord will continue to work in the ministry of Camp CHOF.  Please read everything carefully and make sure to read the "what we believe" carefully.  We look forward to the interview!  Please note that the interview may take place over the phone or in person.  Thank you.
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Applicant Notes:
1.  This application is not an employment contract.  It's solely for the purpose of evaluating your qualifications for employment.  Please answer all questions completely and honestly.  False, misleading, or incomplete statements are grounds for termination of the application process or employment.
2.  A background check will be required of you if hired.
3.  If you do not provide your social media account names and are found to have one(or more), your chances of employment are lowered significantly.
4.  IF A QUESTION DOES NOT APPLY TO YOU, please select N/A or fill in the blank with N/A because all fields are required to have completion.  Thanks and enjoy the application process.
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