1,000 HONEY Reward Bonus for Hivemapper Dashcam or Hivemapper Dashcam S Activation
Please fill out this form after you have received your dashcam(s) to receive your 1,000 HONEY reward bonus.
- You will receive the 1,000 HONEY bonus only if you have received and activated your new dashcam and contributed at least 200 km of coverage to the network.
- Purchases made between Jan. 1, 2024 and Jan. 31, 2024 (the cutoff date) are eligible for the 1,000 HONEY bonus upon fulfillment of the above requirements.
- It typically takes 3-4 weeks for the HONEY bonus to be processed after you complete the requirements.
- The 1000 HONEY bonus will start processing in June 2024
- HONEY distribution happens weekly on Wednesdays (unless there's an official announcement about a delay)
- All of the information you enter here will be deleted after we process your reward bonus.
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What is the Hivemapper username that you want to send the bonus rewards to?
Note: You can find this information on the Settings tab on the Hivemapper app. Please use this format (all lowercase with dashes between each word): blue-hedgehog-balloon
What is the email address associated with your order? *
What was your order number?
Note: If you have more than one order number, please list all of them below.
How many dashcams did you order? *
Please list the serial numbers of each of your dashcams.

Note: As stated above, please fill out this form after you have received your dashcam as you will not have your dashcam's serial number until you have your unit
You'll find the serial number on the dashcam's sticker. It should start with either TN (for the HDC) or HDCS (for the HDC-S).
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