Reptile Database User Survey
Please help the Reptile Database to serve you better by filling out this survey (<5 min). Given our very limited budget you can help us to set priorities and determine future directions of our site. You can see the results after completing the survey. Thanks!
1. User type
2. How often to you use the database?
3. What were you looking for at your last visit of the Reptile Database?
4. Which features are the most useful for you?
5. Which (yet unavailable) feature(s) would you be most interested in?
5.1 I would be interested in additional links to other databases, e.g.
6. Would you be willing to pay for the Reptile Database if it included additional features?
6.1 What additional feature(s) would you be willing to pay for?
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6.2 If yes, how much would that be?
7. Would you be interested in a mobile app of the Reptile Database?
7.1 If you are interested in a mobile app - Which OS?
8. Would you be interested in more frequent Newsletters, or other services?
9. Which sources do you consider as the definitive source of taxonomic information on reptiles?
9.1 Which websites?
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9.2 Which books?
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Comments, suggestions, and questions?
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