Father Talk Online Series_April-June 2021
Supporting Fathers & Father Figures with students in the Pittsburg Unified School District
1. Please list your first & last name (father/father figure). *
2. Please list your cell phone number. *
3. Please list your email address.
4. Please list what school your child attends. Mark all that apply. *
5. Please list your student's full name. If more than one student, please list all students (first and last names). *
6. Please list your student's permanent ID# (number your student uses in the cafeteria).
7. What device will you be using to access the online workshop? *
8. Which start time works best with your schedule?
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9. To help support families, fathers who attend 4 consecutive sessions will receive incentives from the COPE Family Support Center. Can you make the commitment to attend at least 4 consecutive sessions? Keep in mind there are a total of 8 sessions. *
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