Building Community Connections
To continue to encourage the strong bonds of community, ASBI is working to connect people with similar interests. The goal is to ensure that social networks are available to everyone in the shul so that the warmth of our community enters our homes during these isolating times. All shul members are welcome and encouraged to join!

The list below is a start -- we encourage you to suggest other groups!
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Please connect me with other people with these interests. (Feel free to select as many as you'd like -- and to suggest other groups.)
Young Professionals
An extension of the shul’s active YPs, this group can “meet up” for lunch, dinner, snacks, check-ins, meeting new people, etc.
Mental Health Professionals and related service providers
(social workers, psychologists, counselors, OT, Speech-Language Pathologists, PT): Topics of discussion could include working with families/teletherapy; materials, tips, tricks; supporting families.
Medical Professionals
Doctors and nurses are dealing with specific issues right now. Have a conversation with your peers.
People Who Live Alone
It’s hard not to see anyone else all day. Join this group for meal “meet ups,” to get to know others who are living alone, check in with each other, etc.
People Required to Leave Home for Work
Essential workers are doing crucial work right now. Have a conversation with those who are going through similar things.
Grocery Chat
Get the details on where, how, and when to get your groceries in the neighborhood.
Chesed Opportunity: Shopping
Go grocery shopping for others - You will be given a list of some items to look for while you are shopping for your own items.
Chesed Opportunity: Delivering
Delivering groceries and other needed items to members of the community.
Block Clubs
Get to know other shul members who live closest to you. Please list your cross-streets on the "Other" line.
Jewish Learning
Want to gather online to learn together? Start here.
Book Club
Select a book to read individually and “meet-up” to discuss the book.
First-Time Pesach Maker
Learn some tips and tricks including making a menu and shopping list from a veteran Pesach maker.
I can help! I am willing to be the lead person in one of the groups I selected.
Suggest another group you'd like to see:
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I like connecting with people in any of the following ways:
Thank you for completing this form. We will be in touch very soon to connect you with others in our community. If you have any comments or questions about this initiative, please email
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