Teagle hybrid course projects
This Google Form will collect information about each Teagle hybrid liberal arts project. Project information will eventually be posted to the project website (hybridliberalarts.org). We're hoping each faculty member of each team pair will submit information regarding their project. Please submit your information before April 18 so that it can be available to all before our April 22-23 workshop. If you wish to edit your information after you submit it and view everyone else's information, you will be able to do so. You can access the Google Sheet that is linked to this form at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/185d93wnPwlQbd6zQxQ0FTBjJuIydc2ZYSeZkavAueKQ/edit?usp=sharing and you can edit your information there.
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List the course(s) and related info that your project will impact
Note the host campus, course title, year, and semester that you expect to teach the redesigned course.
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List resources or skills training you anticipate needing to successfully implement your project
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List support staff you hope to work with at your campus
This could include any librarian, teaching or technology support staff.
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List know-how, technical skills, or techniques you have acquired that you might be willing to share with other members of the Teagle hybrid liberal arts project
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