Back To The Bible
We are encouraging everyone connected to Saron UCC to engage scripture with focused intention in 2021. Our goal is to become a more biblically literate church, to establish some good Bible reading habits, and to have some great discussions in the coming year and beyond. We'd encourage each person who is going to participate in this church-wide effort to fill out this form so we can know who is in, at what level each of us is committed, and how to communicate updates and information as we move through this project.
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Which of the following levels would like to commit to for our Back To The Bible effort? *
If you are going to commit to Level 2 or 3 when would be a good time for you to attend a Bible Study?
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What specific day of the week works best for you to attend a Bible Study?
If you are going to commit to Level 3 we are going to send you everything you need to get reading on January 1st, 2021. How would you like to engage a Reading Plan?
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Do you have any questions about the project that one of our pastors can answer for you with a phone call?
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Do you need any assistance with getting a Bible to use or do you have any questions about what Bible to get if you need one?
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