KEEP 2018 Security Incident Reporting
Use this to report incidents and provide information to Keep Security. THIS IS INTENDED FOR INCIDENTS THAT HAVE ALREADY DE-ESCALATED; I.E Something stolen or vandalized, something that occurred during a battlegame or class, or anything that does not require immediate attention. FOR INCIDENTS THAT REQUIRE IMMEDIATE ATTENTION, locate the nearest Security Rep (Look for Orange Sashes / Orange shawls), or call the Security hotline on the keep website @ .

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REQUIRED: Real name, Persona name, Home park, Phone Number, email address, some means of contacting you as soon as possible.
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Please provide us a phone number, email address, or link to your Facebook profile. Whichever allows us to contact you quickly and efficiently.
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Name of group camping there, nearby large camping group, parking lot, "high camp", cabin # / name, BFT, etc.
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Please approximate the day/time when the incident occurred. Times relative to other scheduled events (i.e 'in line for Saturday Lunch) will also work, just try to be as detailed as possible.
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