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Interested in joining our growing community of 20+ yoga service partnerships by bringing yoga to your organization? We review request semi-annually in December and May, for programs to begin in January or June for 6-month cycles. Upon evaluation of a programs success, many programs become year long programs.
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We strive to bring yoga to all
What community does your organization serve?
We believe in the power of yoga to change lives
What are the goals you have in bringing yoga to your population?
We aim to develop sustainable yoga service partnerships
We believe in building & growing our partnerships for the long term. We believe in collaboration to come up with something creative for each program!

What level of compensation are you able to provide? Compensation improves program longevity, provides certified teachers, and strengthens our yoga service partnerships. Know that payment can be the form of providing use of space, a service to the studio, or increased visibility of the studio through media outlets. As examples, past partners have provided use of a rooftop space to hold a fundraiser class, provided trainings, painted the studio, or created art displays to hang. We are open to your ideas to collaborate and make something happen! Please let us know if you are able to provide financial compensation, unique other ideas, or if you prefer to brainstorm at our initial meeting.
We build relationships through regular contact with students
Do you have times or dates that would work best with your population's schedule? We generally schedule classes once a week for a 10-week cycle as a trial run. From here, we will analyze the program and make changes as needed. Programs can be weekly, bi-weekly, or seasonal.
We create a welcoming environment for yoga classes
Please let us know:
1) What physical space do you have available at your site? Some of our partnerships also occur in-studio, so please indicate if this is your preference.
2) Do you currently have access to yoga mats?
3) Will staff be participating to strengthen the yoga culture at your organization?

We want to hear from you!
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