Pyjama Church
After fourteen months of Pyjama Church we would love to hear a little bit about what's been helpful for you over this time...
Thank you so much for completing this
Judith, Hannah and Fi
If you are filling in this survey for multiple members of your household then please help us by making responses from different age groups clear, or feel free to complete the survey several times. We are really keen to hear the voices of people of all ages.
What elements of Pyjama Church have you found helpful?
As our buildings open again, which of these elements in the worshipping life of the church would you hope to continue?
Have you found it helpful to have a regular time to watch Pyjama Church?
Has this varied depending on whether or not Church buildings are open?
Has Pyjama Church impacted your faith? If so, please explain as we would love to know how...
Is there anything else you would like to tell us?
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