Spring 2021 Core Waiver Exam Sign-Up (ONLINE ONLY)
Use this form to register your intent to take one or more core waiver examinations for classes held in Spring 2021:

EWMBA201B: Macroeconomics
EWMBA202: Financial Accounting
EWMBA203: Introduction to Finance

The deadline to register is Sunday, November 22 at 11:59 PM. Late requests will NOT be accommodated. You will receive additional information, including a list of approved exam-specific materials, after the registration window closes. If you believe that you signed up for an exam, but have not received an email confirmation by Monday, November 23, please contact Amanda Gill in the Program Office.

First year (and first semester, second year) EWMBA students are automatically enrolled in all core courses. These courses are designed to add value for all students, even if you have a background in the subject matter. However, if you feel that you have extensive academic and professional experience in a core subject you may opt to test out by passing a waiver examination.

Please review the waiver guidelines carefully at https://haas.berkeley.edu/ewmba/academics/course-planning/waiver-guidelines/ to determine if a waiver examination is appropriate. You should also review past course syllabi (linked on the Waiver Guidelines website, for reference only) and any other posted materials as part of your preparation.

If you qualify for an automatic waiver, but still want to take the course, you do not need to contact our office or complete the waiver request.

If you waive out of a core course, you must make up the units through additional electives courses. The EWMBA Program Office can assist you in selecting these courses.

The waiver exam for Operations, the only waivable core course in your third semester of core (Fall 2021), will take place in mid-July 2021. We will send out more information about that process toward the end of Spring 2021.

Our exam window is Tuesday, December 1 (12:00 PM) through Sunday, December 6 (11:59 PM). Exams are assessed on a waive/no waive basis. There are no letter grades. There are no comments or feedback provided. The final decision is not subject to debate or negotiation with the Program Office or professor. You should approach this like the GMAT -- you prepare, you take the test and you receive your results. If you receive an assessment of "waive", you will receive additional information on your options.

There will be NO opportunity to take these exams at any later date, so if you think you have a chance of passing the waiver exam, please sign up.

Questions? Please contact the EWMBA Office at ewmba_office@haas.berkeley.edu.
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