Scholarship Application State of the Map US 2019 - Minneapolis
We would love to have you join us at State of the Map US this year! Please tell us why you are interested in attending and we'll consider you for a scholarship to Minneapolis this September, including free conference admission and travel assistance. Learn all about scholarships to State of the Map US on the OpenStreetMap US blog and the conference at

Applications close July 1st, 2019.

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If you are selected as a speaker at SotM-US would you be able to attend without a scholarship?
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Diversity & Inclusion
OpenStreetMap US strives to be an inclusive and diverse community. We would like to prioritize scholarships for underrepresented groups. In order to do so, this section will ask two personal questions. All answers are confidential.
What is your gender?
(If located in the US) Which of the following best represents your racial or ethnic heritage? Choose all that apply.
Thank you! You should hear the results by July 17!
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