The 2020 Appsilon shiny.semantic PoContest
Vote for the Winner of Our Internal Shiny Contest

Appsilon wanted to prove that with the shiny.semantic open source package, it’s possible to create a great looking and high-quality Proof of Concept Shiny app in under 24 hours. So, we ran an internal contest to see who could create the best shiny.semantic PoC in under 24 hours.

We are inviting the R Community to choose a "People's Choice" winner from the below submissions. The Shiny app with the most votes will receive a special prize! It's up to you to decide on your favorite shiny.semantic PoC app! As development time was very limited, please be advised that most of these apps are desktop only.

1. Shiny Mosaic -
The purpose of the application is to enable the user to create a mosaic of their own photo.
2. Squaremantic -
With this app you can easily generate a nicely formatted square layout of letters, based on the text input.
3. FIFA '19 -
This app was created for the purposes of demonstrating shiny.semantic features for creating interactive data visualization. This dashboard uses SoFifa data.
4. Polluter Alert -
A dashboard that allows the user to report sources of air pollution in the user’s area.
5. Semantic Pixelator -
A fun way to explore semantic elements by creating different image compositions using loaders, icons, and other UI elements from semantic/fomantic UI.
6. Semantic Memory -
A memory game similar to the one that won the Shiny contest last year, but it is created from scratch using shiny.semantic

Want to explore the code for each app? Here is a GitHub Repository with all submissions:

See our blog post about the contest here:

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