IFOL Brandenburg 2021 Registration
This form is for registering for the Berlin IFOL, happening 3rd - 5th December 2021 at the seminarhaus WIND UND WEITE (Ahlimbswalder Weg 5, 16247 Friedrichswalde)
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COVID-19 Safety
The exact COVID safety measures we have at the event are not fixed yet and will change depending on official recommendations and guidelines. These are the guidelines we want to have currently:
* Limited Capacity -- the Venue is rated for 90 participants, we want to only use it at half capacity max.
* Full Vaccination (or recovery) REQUIRED -- only exception is if you have a medical reason not to be vaccinated. If there is any reason you cannot be vaccinated, please reach out to us and we can figure it out.
* prior testing REQUIRED -- Do an up to date test before coming to the event. We will also have some home tests on site in case you do not have access to some.
I understand the COVID-19 safety rules and will adhere to them. *
What kind of ticket do you want? *
Only for Subsidized Ticket -- Why do you need a subsidized ticket?
Would you want to come on Thursday night already? *
For some additional fee (50-60€) you can already arrive thursday night -- there will mostly be food and socializing then. We only actually do this if enough participants want to utilize it
Mentorship Program *
The IFOL is a collaborative event, and so we strive to be as inclusive as possible. This includes new participants. If you've never been to an IFOL, it can be overwhelming to know what to bring and what to expect. This is what the mentorship is for. If you are experienced IFOLer and want to help others, we will give your contact information to one other participants who wants a mentor.
Transport *
The venue is a bit hard to get to (without car) so we will try to organize shuttles to the nearby train station.
Are there any people who's participation would keep you from considering the IFOL a safe space? (Please write their names)
Do you have any food restrictions?
Are there any other allergies or other thing you want to let us know?
Participation Terms
I understand that filling out this form means that I want to purchase a ticket for the IFOL Berlin 2021. With confirming here I understand that my information will be transmitted to the organizers, where it will be stored until the event.
If you want to refund your ticket...
* Full refund: until November 10th.
* 70% refund: November 29th.
* 50% refund: afterwards.
I understand and confirm the Participation terms
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