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Please Note: this form handles inquiries - bookings are not final until a rental contract has been signed.
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Set Up & Equipment
The studio comes equipped with a basic lighting rig. If more than our basic lighting look is required (eg. lights moved or programming cues), a technician can be employed by Theatre SKAM at a rate of $25/hour. The minimum technician call is 2 hours. For specific information on lighting equipment, email

Basic audio and projection equipment is available by request

Studio capacity is currently limited to 12 for rentals.

Available furniture: 100 black folding chairs, two 6' plastic tables, one folding 6' plastic table, two 6' wood tables, two 6’-6” paint-covered work-use tables, one 4’x 2’8” rolling production table, and one 5' plastic table with rounded ends. Please inquire to confirm which tables will be available for your booking.

The venue is wheelchair accessible (including washroom). There are two washrooms total.
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Hourly Rate: $25/hour

Daily Rate: $150

No additional tax is charged. An admin fee of $25 is applied once per rental contract. This covers the cost of rental set up (includes communications, meeting at venue, and key hand off), bathroom supplies, and free wifi. A cleaning/sanitization fee of $20 is added per rental at this time.

Use of the Satellite Studio is entirely at the renter's risk. If your event involves a public performance, Special Event Insurance is also required and will involve an additional cost.

The renter is expected to leave the studio in the same condition in which it was found. Cleaning supplies are provided for renters to use. In the event that the studio needs cleaning post-rental, additional cleaning charges will be added.
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Thanks for your interest in the Theatre SKAM's Satellite Studio! When we receive the form, we will review it and be in contact with availability and a quote. An in-person (or video) visit of the venue or phone conversation about your event may be required. Once discussions have occurred and all information has been confirmed, a rental contract and invoice will be sent. we require a deposit of 50% of the estimated fee to confirm all rentals, payable upon receipt of an invoice.

Questions? Email Logan at or call 250-386-7526.
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