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Fill out this form completely then Submit this form. -We will review it and contact you with approval. If approved the next step will be to send the initial deposit of $500 to Venmo account @Susan-George-33 or Paypal @ to reserve the puppy you want or your spot on our waiting list (deposit is applied to the adoption fee and is non-refundable, and can be moved from litter to litter until you have the puppy you want) Once the puppies are 3 weeks old we will contact you and an additional amount that is due toward the adoption fee for your puppy. We accept Venmo, for this payment. For Puppies that are being transported to your home, at 8 Weeks of age the remaining amount is due in order to make homecoming arrangements (I have transporters I can recommend, you will pay the transporter when they drop the puppy off to you). We accept Venmo for this payment. -For Puppies that are being picked up, the final payment is due at pick-up and we accept Venmo, or cash only for this payment. -The total adoption fee is $2400 to $3000 depending on the color of the puppy. 

Your puppy has been fed Victor Hi-Pro Plus dog food (this is an all stages of life dog food, You can order Victor dog food for the lowest price and delivered to your door by clicking on this link and NuVet Plus immune building supplement. We highly recommend your puppy to continue on this food and NuVet supplement. To order your NuVet Plus supplement if you are ordering for the first time, call (800) 474-7044 and use order code 447646 or order online at

Visitation Policy: We do not allow visitation when we have puppies under the age of 6 weeks. This policy is in the best interest of the puppies, to keep them safe from communicable diseases. The one exception is for potential buyers to pick out their puppy, but this must be approved and scheduled (after the Puppy Application approval). Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in helping keep our puppies safe and healthy! 

Your puppy pick-up is your responsibility and the puppy must be picked up at 8 weeks of age. We prefer that our puppies are picked up in person by the new owner but if that is not possible you can contract with a transporter through or , another option is or . We also have people fly to Cody WY or Billings MT, then rent a car and drive back with their puppy, you can also hire family or a friend to pick your puppy up for you. We do not arrange the transportation for you, as we can’t be held responsible for health issues created by transportation at long distances.

Most pet cargo flights have been suspended since Covid restrictions, the only airline that will allow a dog to fly in cargo is Alaskan Airlines. The cost runs around $575 for this service. 

Agreement: by signing below, you agree that all information that you have provided is truthful. You understand that Beartooth Alaskan Malamutes has the right to refuse to sell you a puppy. You understand that we reserve the right to retain any puppy for our breeding program. You understand that unfortunate events, such as miscarriage, loss of a puppy, or smaller than expected litters can occur. We reserve the right to use a different stud for any planned breeding at our discretion and this does not qualify you for a refund of your deposit. We will contact you with approval and request your deposit after we review your application.

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Commitment to Your Puppy If unforeseen circumstances arise:

will you agree to contact us to help re-home your puppy if this becomes necessary?


Your puppy will require a lot of your time and energy for exercise and training. Are you willing to commit to this?


Are you willing to commit to your puppy for his/her lifetime (consider long-term expenses)?

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Puppy expenses include veterinary care, (we do not cover any vet bills after the puppy leaves our kennel) monthly flea and heartworm prevention, food, crate, and grooming expenses. Are you prepared to fit this in your budget? _


Are you willing to commit to providing proper veterinary care for the lifetime of your dog?

Do you agree to the Spay/Neuter your dog (it is required by 7 months of age via our puppy contract)? *

By signing this form, applicant/purchaser agrees to understanding and compliance with all requirements and statements on this form.) Thank you for choosing Beartooth Alaskan Malamutes as your breeder.

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