YNPN18 Conference - Code of Conduct Reporting Form
Report violations of the code of conduct during the YNPN 2018 National Conference: Change in Action. The code of conduct can be found here: http://conference.ynpn.org/code_of_conduct

In addition, during the conference you may speak with anyone wearing a neon green "Event Staff" ribbon on their name tag. The Registration/Information Desk can connect you with a member of the event staff if you are unable to find one.

When did the incidence occur? (time)
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Where did the incidence occur? (location)
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Describe the incidence with as much detail as possible. (What happened and who was involved?)
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Would you like to be contacted by a YNPN representative regarding this incidence?
If you answered "yes" above, please let us know your name and how to contact you via email, text or phone.
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