2023 Volunteering for the Timberline Review
Thank you for your interest in volunteering for the Timberline Review! As an all-volunteer journal, supported by Willamette Writers -- a volunteer-run organization -- we know that volunteers are vital to our success. We could not make this journal without you!

Below is a list of possible journal positions. We ask that you express which positions you are interested in at the end of the form. Remember, in order to volunteer for the Timberline Review, you must be a member of Willamette Writers. If you have any questions about the positions or the Timberline Review, please email the Editor-in-Chief at editorinchief@timberlinereview.com.
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Position descriptions
The following are the staff positions and brief descriptions of each:

* Editors – Four total, one person per genre (fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and drama/screenplay). They will receive the submissions for their genre and disburse them to their Readers. They will manage their Readers, and be responsible for getting publication-worthy pieces selected, ordered by preference, and submitted to the EiC and the AEiC for final approval.

* Readers – As many as are interested. Volunteers who read the submissions and rank the submissions. They answer to their Editor. Anyone can be a reader as well as hold any other position (except the Submissions Editor, since they might see information that may bias them), since nothing else is going on during the reading period.

* Copy Editor: WORD – This person will put all of the EiC-accepted submissions into a single WORD document, format it properly, perform basic copy edits (spelling, formatting, basic grammar—but nothing substantive), and submit to EiC & AEiC for layout approval. Prefer two, but one is sufficient.

* Copy Editor: PDF – Initially, will be the same as the WORD Copy Editor, but I split it up so if/when we get more volunteers, more people can have access to help. This person will take the final EiC-approved WORD version and turn it into a publishable PDF, and do final copy editing run through. Once it’s finalized, the EiC will sign off on it. Again, prefer two, but one is sufficient.

* Events Manager - Responsible for organizing 2-3 readings per year, with support from WW staff

* Optional Positions – As needed.
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