DAC 2017 Residency Application
The Denmark Arts Center is a thriving home for contemporary arts and community activities in Maine’s disenfranchised western region. Central to the DAC’s mission, the center provides space for professional artists from across the globe to craft new works within our beautiful rural setting. We rely on community exchange to make our residency program succeed, with locals donating housing and artists sharing practices and performances.

The Denmark Arts Center seeks professional artists of all media for our 2017 residency program. Serious candidates will show a commitment to new research questions, practices and experiments that push the boundaries of their field or of interdisciplinary arts. Artists applying for residencies in March, April, November, or December may apply to bring one or two collaborators. Artists applying residencies May through October may apply to bring up to 5 collaborators. However, applicants should note that the selection process for residencies including 4 to 6 artists is more competitive. Accepted applicants will be informed in late January 2017 and will work with DAC staff to arrange a one week residency.

The Denmark Arts Center is housed in the town’s grange hall built in 1884. The center contains one main hall with a full theatrical rig, sound system and gallery space, an additional multipurpose studio, and a stocked art studio with a small kitchen. Artists will have full access to the center at all times during their stay, but may need to move studios for a few hours a day to accommodate community classes and groups.

The Denmark Arts Center generally asks artists-in-residence to offer a public event (gallery opening, installation, performance, etc) during their residency. The DAC staff is dedicated to helping your event come to life.

A strong application would also include a community engagement event. We are most excited by artists interested in researching and creating with participants from our community or offering public performances in non-traditional venues (in addition to performing at the DAC.) Successful community engagement programs have included:

A playwright and director workshopping a new play with community actors
A dance company teaching a weeklong summer camp and including the kids in the company’s culminating performance
A band teaching an afternoon workshop for all ages, creating sound with unconventional instruments and objects, and performing a song together in that evening’s performance
A theater company presenting a wandering outdoor performance in a local town center, gathering unsuspecting audience members

The Denmark Arts Center houses visiting artists with a slew of generous neighbors and friends. We do our best to find a comfortable fit for each artist, but as Denmark is a very rural town, some summer housing offered is off-the-grid (no electricity, internet, or indoor plumbing). Food will not be provided for your stay, but kitchen areas will be available both at the residency location and the DAC. Wifi is also available at the arts center.

We recommend artists bring their own car to the residency, if possible. However, the Denmark Arts Center can provide travel to Denmark, Maine, from transportation centers in Portland, Maine, or Conway, New Hampshire. During your stay in Denmark, DAC staff can help transport you as necessary to/from the arts center, town centers in Denmark and Bridgton, and grocery stores in Bridgton and Brownfield. No travel stipend will be offered.

The Denmark Arts Center will agree upon an appropriate presentation stipend, ranging from $100 to $750, with each applicant. Payment depends on project funding, number of collaborators involved, community engagement activities, and admissions.

QUESTIONS ABOUT THIS APPLICATION? Email delaney@denmarkarts.org


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When can you visit Denmark? If awarded a residency, artists will arrange 1 week stay with DAC staff. Please provide up to 6 one week slots March-December 2017 that you're available for a residency. NOTE: May-October can we host groups of 4-6. Other months we can host residencies of 1-3 people.
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