Change of Course Request
Discover English in accordance with the ESOS Act 2000 and the National Code 2017 is legally obliged to notify any changes to an international student’s enrolment status. Please complete this if you wish to change your course.
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Changing course information
• A minimum of one-week notice must be given when applying to change the course.
• A place in the course you have requested is not guaranteed by completing this form.
• You must meet the minimum level requirements before submitting this form.
• You may be placed on a waiting list if a space is not immediately available.
• Changes to General English (GE): you may request AM or PM but it is not guaranteed.
• If your attendance drops below 80% you may be removed from the course.
• Holidays are not permitted in the following courses: English for Academic Purposes (EAP), English Excel (EE) and
Cambridge Exam Preparation (CEP) courses.
• There are specific intake dates for the following courses: EAP and CEP
• There is a minimum of 5 weeks enrolment in English Excel.
• EAP enrolments must be in 5, 10, 15 or 20 weeks.
• If your request is not granted, Discover English will notify you in writing by email of the reasons for refusing your
request. If you are unhappy of the decision made by Discover English, please refer to the Complains and Appeals
policy and procedure in the International Student Information Handbook on our website.
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