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Thanks for your interest in renting Artspace!

If a question does not apply to your event & is not required, feel free to skip it. If you are unsure as to some of the details about your event, answer as best you can. The more information, the better we can help to promote your event.

If you have questions or would like to check availability, feel free to call us at 250-563-6637. We'd be happy to help!

We will be in touch shortly after you submit your request to let you know if we are able to accommodate your event & what the associated costs would be.
Name of Event *
Date of Event *
Friday nights are generally unavailable for musical events due to conflicting noise from our weekly Friday Night Mic show in the cafe downstairs. For recurring events or an event lasting longer than one day, please use the first event day & make note of the cycle or length of the event in the event description below. For month-long art shows, please use the date your art will go up.
Start Time of Event *
Keep in mind that this is the actual start time, not the time that the doors will open. (Unless otherwise noted, we will assume that doors will open 30 minutes before the start time.) If you require more than a few hours of set-up time (for rehearsals or for complex displays), please let us know in the questions/concerns area at the end of this form. If you are using the space to show your art, use 01:00 AM.
End Time of Event
When would you like to come in to set up? *
Event Contact Person *
Event Contact Phone Number *
Event Contact Email Address
Is this a ticketed, public, or private event? *
Ticketed meaning you will be selling tickets, public meaning it will be free to attend, private meaning it will be open only to a specific group (clubs, friends, family, etc...). While we appreciate as many details as possible regardless of type, only ticketed events are asked to answer all the questions on this form.
Is this event suitable for all ages? *
If the event is open to all but involves mature language or content, please use the 'adult-oriented' option.
Number of Tickets (up to 140)
Artspace's maximum capacity is 149. Any events found exceeding this number (including performers, technicians, etc) will be unable to rent the space in the future.
Price of Tickets (Including Special Pricing)
eg. Child/Student/Senior Pricing, Membership Rates, Group Rates
Will you be selling those tickets through Books & Company?
All tickets must be numbered & clearly display the necessary info for your event. The store will take a 5% commission on all sold tickets. This rate is subject to increase for more complicated event ticket logistics.
If no, where can customers buy tickets?
Please give a description of your event below as you'd like to see it advertised. *
Including where applicable: event/artist/promoter website, contact for additional information, other ticket sales locations, door time, start time, end time, what sort of food will be available, performers listed for the event, target audience, genre information. ***Tell us as much as possible. The more we know, the better we can sell your event to the public.***
Would you like Books & Company to create an event page for this on our official Facebook page? *
Our facebook page gets an awesome number of views for a town our size. If you don't have a huge marketing budget or you'd like to be featured in the Events section of our facebook page, we highly recommend you click "Yes". If "No" is selected, you will still be featured in our newsletter and on our events board as your event draws near. :)
If we will be posting a Facebook event for you, is there a specific picture that we should use?
Clear selection
Will your event include any of the following; *
Please contact us for permission to be a licensed (alcohol) event; if permitted, a copy of your temporary liquor license will be required. You can create an account & apply for a special event liquor license here:
What will the seating & event layout look like?
(How many seats/tables, dance floor, stage size, etc...) ***You are responsible for both set up & take down of your event. Please make sure to give yourself enough prep time to get the space ready for your event.***
Which of the following will you require the use of? *
We will be in contact with you to discuss cost & payment.
Sound Gear Required Setup
If you are renting sound gear through the Artspace, please fill the space below with a short description of what the sound setup for your show will look like (including the equipment you'll be bringing with you). This information will be used in acquiring a quote from our in-house sound technician. Please be as accurate as possible; any additional services not listed are subject to additional charge.
Any other questions, concerns, noteworthy comments regarding your event or our booking process with Artspace?
We are currently working out making Artspace more accessible to everyone. We welcome comments, questions, and constructive criticism!
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