Viper v2 feedback
Viper ( has been around for quite some time now, providing an all-in-one solution for application configuration. It has loads of features and a couple different usage patterns.

Despite all the good stuff in Viper, it has some serious issues that we would like to address in v2. (You can read more about that here:

But before committing ourselves to any direction, we would like to hear from the community. Please take some time answering the questions below so that we can understand how the community uses Viper, what issues hit them hard and what they would like to see in Viper v2.

Thanks in advance! 🙂
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What's your favorite Viper feature? *
What needs the most improvement in Viper? *
What is the one major change you would like to see in Viper? *
What kind of application do you use Viper in? *
Which config sources do you use? *
Which supported file formats do you use?
If you don't use files, but use key/value stores, you still need a file format.
How do you get values out of Viper? *
What do you think about keeping backwards compatibility in Viper v2? *
There is a chance that Viper v2 can remain backwards compatible with v1, but it would come at a cost (one that we don't necessarily see yet). On the other hand, quite a few major projects rely on Viper and migrating to a new API might be a challenge for them.
Not important at all (it's a new major)
Very important
What do you think about adding case sensitivity to Viper?
Case sensitivity is probably the most asked feature in Viper. However, it goes against some core design choices in Viper which makes it such a great tool for all kinds of config sources which makes adding case sensitivity hard or nearly impossible to add. If we want to keep the rest of the features, it might come at a cost (eg. in performance)
Not important
Very important
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Anything else we didn't ask and you think we should know?
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