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Hello to everybody reading this message! My name is Roxana Nistor, a Romanian student that will be fulfilling the 3rd year of Work and Travel Program in the US.
The story goes like this: many of my friends and I have suffered because of the bullies we had to work with so I’ve decided to see the dimensions and forms of bullying and mobbing in the US. My final goal is to compare the rates with the ones in our own countries, considering our Work&Travel experience as students.
Thank you to all of you who decided to invest 10 minutes into this study and help me achieve answers to my questions related to the subject. Have a great summer in the US!
Have you ever been in the US? *
For how many times have you been in the US with the Work&Travel Program? *
How many jobs did you have at once? *
What kind of businesses did you work for? *
How many hours did you work per week? *
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How many other international students worked with you? (What countries were they from?) *
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Are you familiar with the phenomenon of mobbing? *
Mobbing is a term used to describe a variety of behaviors in the workplace in terms of emotional or physical ABUSE. The word is used when a group of workers or a single worker engages in this hostile behavior, making life difficult for someone on the job ON PURPOSE. The mobbing actors can be colleagues, superiors or subordinates, and this behavior can affect workers in businesses of all sizes, including at smaller companies.
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To what degree do you consider that mobbing is defined as the following statements? *
Very much
not too much
not at all
emotional abuse in the workplace by one or more co-workers
physical abuse in the workplace by one or more co-workers
harassment at workplace through rumor, intimidation, humiliation, discrediting, isolation
sexual harassment
using superior strength or influence to intimidate someone, typically to force him or her to do what one wants
How often do you think students that applied to the program Work and Travel faced this kind of situations? *
Do you personally know somebody that has been or is in this kind of situation? *
Have you ever been yourself in this kind of situations? *
What do you think that are the most common actions that take place during a mobbing situation? *
Do you think there is somebody ( a person) or an institution you can go to in case this will happen/ has happened to you in order to seek for help? (If yes, please name it in the "Other section") *
Do you think there is a legal help you can EASILY access if that happens and use it right away and? (like your sponsor, the agency you came with, US court, police etc? ) *
Do you think there SHOULD BE a well-known institution that can help Work and Travel students right away? (Such as a line call made for problems and solutions where someone is specialized in helping WnT students in the US)
What would you do if a friend of yours gets bullied at work? *
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To what degree do you think that making your employees work a huge number of hours can be considered mobbing? *
not at all
It's the same thing with mobbing
To what degree do you think making your employees work a huge number of hours without break and without proper facilitation of work (employee meals, understanding when someone is sick or doesn’t feel well) can be considered mobbing? *
To what degree do you think paying lots of money per hour (by your employer) makes mobbing easier to accept? *
To what degree do you think the following are more likely to be mobbed? (where 1 is never and 5 is always) *
1 (never)
2 (very rarely)
3 (sometimes)
4 (lots of times)
5 (always)
the guy/girl that makes the most money
being a woman
being younger or older than the rest of the staff
the one that works harder, they can take a lot
the one who doesn't know lots of people and has no friends in the workplace
the one that's friend with the boss/manager
the rat (the one that tells the boss everything)
the one too lazy to do anything
What kind of mobbing actions would make you leave the job right away? *
Do you think the type of business influences people mobbing and bullying other co-workers?
Do you think that a more busy and a more stressful workplace (like a restaurant) makes this phenomenon bigger and more present? *
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The State Where you worked: *
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