New Media Rights Intern Applicant Survey
We're so glad you're interested in joining team NMR! We just have a few quick questions up front to make the application process smoother on our end. If you have any questions related to the survey, please feel free to email
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For the period I'm applying for, I will be or will be going into my ____year. *
1L's may apply for summer following their 1st year,
Did New Media Rights influence your decision to attend California Western? *
If Yes, please explain how the program influenced your decision to attend CWSL
Where did you first hear about New Media Rights *
Will you be able to work at least 13 hours per week at New Media Rights. *
The clinic requires 13 hr/week.
What type of clients are you interested in working with? *
While we can't guarentee any particular type of client, we do try to match students to clients in their intrest area.
Below we have a few Hypos. We understand that you may not have taken the relevant classes yet. We're really just looking to see how you work through a problem, and not the "right" legal answer. Please be sure to answer the call of the question and include any questions you might have for the client.
Please take about 10 minutes on both questions and please do not do any additional research.
Hypo  1: Our client Sara is a graphic designer. Sara designed a logo for her client Bob. Bob loves his logo but was upset when Sara used his logo on her online portfolio (which is a place where she displays her work, both to showcase her work to the public and for potential clients to review.)  Bob is demanding that the logo be removed. Here is the relevant provision of the contract that was drafted by Sara. Assume for the purposes of this hypo that the contract is valid. ///  For $200 Sara irrevocably assigns and transfers to Bob all rights, title, and interest to and the copyright in the Logo. Sara retains no rights in the Logo and is only granted a non-exclusive license to make reproductions of and publicly display the Logo non-commercially. // *
Based on the licensing provision, did Sara have the right to use the logo in her portfolio? If so, why?  If not what would you do to clarify the contract to avoid future disputes?
Hypo 2:Client is a mashup artist. She created a music video based on many shorter clips of the top 100 songs of this summer. Client was particularly interested in how that sumers songs portrayed women and the remix reflects that. Clients video was taken down from YouTube based on the use of a 5 second clip of  “All About That Base” performed by Meghan Trainor. *
1) What legal issues are involved? 2) What information would you want to know.and 3)how would you help client?
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