Salem Days Dutch Oven Cook Off 2019

Contact/Committee: Matt and Holly Meagher (571) 251-6238

Date: Saturday, August 3, 2019
Place: Salem Community Center, 151 W 300 S Salem, Utah
Check In and Set Up: 10:00 a.m. (No teams will be allowed to set up prior to 10:00 a.m. or risk disqualification)
Judging: Beginning 2 p.m. through 4 p.m.
Award Presentation: After Judging is completed

Categories: Main Dish / Dessert

General Rules
1. Each team must consist of at least two adults over 18 years old.

2. Contestants may participate in one or both categories (main dish and/or dessert).

3. Contestants must provide the judges and committee with recipes of entries. Recipes should be typed on an 8 ½” x 11” paper, you also need to bring 25 copies of your recipe to hand out. They should include all ingredients and complete instructions on how to prepare each dish. Outside the realm of copyright, the recipes become the property of the cook–off for subsequent publication in cook–off cookbooks or publicity.

4. Ingredients cannot be of a precooked nature (e.g., wieners and spam). All entry ingredients must be prepared on site. No pre–mixing or off–site preparation of any ingredient.

5. All ingredients must be cooked in Dutch oven or on Dutch oven lids. Must also be cooked on charcoal. (No Propane) If the recipe calls for melting or warming a sauce in a separate pot that is not a Dutch oven that is permitted over the coals.

6. Participating teams will provide their own Dutch ovens, utensils, recipe, ingredients, and charcoal.

7. Contestants will present their completed dish to judges at an assigned time beginning at 2 p.m. Items to be judged will be brought to the judge’s table in a Dutch oven or on a Dutch oven lid. Only one item per category per team will be judged.

8. The judges will judge the entry when it is presented at the table. The decision of the judges shall be final.

9. Use good fire safety practices.

10. Contestants are asked to exercise care in the cleanliness of their food preparation and cooking. Keep the preparation area and utensils clean. Use a washbasin or wet wipes for hands. Use a cooler for perishables and do not put Dutch oven lids on the ground. Food Prep gloves are recommended.

11. Entrants may not be professional cooks.

12. No use of electrical outlets at the pavilion, or use of electrical kitchen appliances, to prepare food.
Contestants will be judged on entry appearance, taste, overall appeal, spectator and judge interaction, cleanliness, and Dutch Oven cooking technique.

13. No access to the Community Center is allowed.

14. Good sportsmanship is expected of all teams and their participants!
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Teams may participate in more than one category, but may only enter one dish per category.
Agreements and Waver
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