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Nowadays a vast amount of various groups try to develop their own products & platforms dedicated to the implementation of blockchain technology into the real-life applications. Our mission is to bring them all together to demonstrate the power of Altcoins, thus attracting the wide auditory into the cryptocurrency market.

We started off as a small group of altcoin-enthusiasts in 2015 when Bitcoin was the only popular crypto coin available for wide auditory. However, recent remarkable investments in altcoins showed that there is a huge potential in this area once community will believe in the idea of having multiple coins for different applications.

Today we report on all the opportunities – upcoming ICO crowd sales, bounty programs, and free airdrops on our web-platform Our analysis is based on the information gathered from the social media, project white papers, ICO websites and community services. The information contained on the platform has always been posted in good faith and is to be used for educational purposes only. Our vision is – to eliminate all forms of internal endorsements related to the posted projects. All the participants are free to share their own opinion right on the platform. We believe that the extension of educational opportunities in the area of blockchain projects inspires newcomers to participate in the market but allows the choice to rest with the individual interests. Our community has ambitious plans to further development of the platform and is fully committed to increasing the number of participants and partners that benefit both from this model of cooperation.

By filling this form you will get an amazing opportunity to become a member of our fast-growing community. Don't miss the chance to get an insight into the latest trends from crypto-community leaders. We are going to build a community that proves the power of altcoins through close partnership and dedication. For this purpose, we launch AltcoinDropInfo Community Tokens - ADICT. The limited supply of ADICT tokens guarantees that Altcoindrop Community will keep the interests of the participants by allowing them to use the tokens for multiple applications within the platform.

At the first stage - 1000 Participants will be chosen from the Community Whitelist and rewarded with 1000 ADICT (AltcoindropInfo Community Tokens) per participant. The calls for second & third stages will be announced in our social media. So join the whitelist and be a part of the first true community in Airdrop & Bounty World.

The spreadsheet for Stage 1 and the details of the smart contract will be announced on September 31, 2018.
Official page for the whitelist registration is available at

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ADICT Token Description
Token name: ADICT
Token: ERC20
Total Supply: 50 000 000
Decimals: 18

Altcoindrop Community Tokens will be issued to reward users of the platform for valuable information and published project reviews. ADICT Tokens will be listed on several cryptocurrency exchanges.

Community members & Donators rewarded with ADICT will be able to sell the tokens at the market price on the crypto exchanges at any given time, sell them to the project managers interested in the promotion of their projects on or use them directly to place their own ads on our web platform.

NB! The information concerning prices and offers will be provided at a later date in the near future.

1. Provide Valid Email Address

2. Follow us on Twitter / Like and Retweet the Pinned Post -

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Join to participate in the contest - 1000 ADICT per user!

3. Join Our Telegram Channel -

4. Enter ERC20 Compatible Wallet Address only! (Not Exchange Wallet)

5. Bonus: Like our FB Page - and earn additional 100 ADICT!

If you believe in Community you can Donate to us!

ETH Address 0xC4E6D3446C9d5E5F9Bf406e3e11B48483DF26cbD

All the donators will receive:

1000 ADICT per 0.01ETH

For participants who are going to donate 0.5 ETH or more, we have a special Bounty rewards!
Contact us directly in Telegram chat to get more information or claim your Bounty!

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