The Peoples Puppets Gig Request Form
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Organization *
What is the name of the organization you're asking on behalf of?
What is your name?
What is your e-mail address?
Phone Number
What is the best phone number at which to reach you?
If your organization has a website, what is the website address?
Event Name
What is the name of the action / event?
Date/Schedule *
What is your time frame? Is there a date for the action? Is there a deadline for completion? Be as specific as possible.
Description *
Describe your action. What is the messaging? Who is the audience? Do you have visuals or text in mind already?
Tell us a story about your organization's background. What actions have you organized in the past?
What is the role and leadership of people of color, queer/LGBT people, women, youth, or other marginalized groups in connection with the event?
Deadline *
When do you need a commitment from us?
Our Role *
What will our role be? Are we performing an already existing piece or puppet? Are you looking for us to build something new?
Your Role *
What will your role be in helping us execute the action? Are you or members of your organization willing to help plan / build / perform?
If this is a benefit, how much of the funds raised will go to the intended recipient (i.e., percent, door money, bar money)? What expenses have to be covered from the funds raised (e.g., paying staff)?
Who are the sponsors of the event?
Legal Issues
Please give us an idea of the legal situation for the event. Some questions that may have answers we would like to hear might be: Will there be planned arrests or direct action? What is the chance of unplanned arrests? Has a permit been obtained for amplified sound or anything else? Are there planned legal observers?
Is there money for labor or materials? This isn't necessarily required, but all that hot glue wont buy itself.
What is the expected attendance for the action?
Media Coverage
Do you have media contacts that will be covering the event?
How You Found Us
How'd you find out about us?
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