Post-Test: Animal Health Officials Introduce New Extended Equine Health Certificate Program

Complete this test in order to receive Continuing Education credit for watching the EECVI webinar recording. In accordance with AAVSB RACE standards, certificates of attendance can only be presented to participants receiving a 70% grade or higher on the post‐course test. (You must answer at least four questions correctly.)

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What name do you want to appear on the CE Certificate? *
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What is one form of official identification that is NOT valid for the new EECVI program? *
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True or false: A 6-month CVI is valid as a For Sale certificate (change of ownership document)? *
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What is one reason for acceptance of a new EECVI program? *
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True of false: in order to obtain an EECVI, an owner must have a negative EIA / Coggins test? *
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How many states have agreed to the terms of the new EECVI program (at the time of this webinar)? *
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