Goa Sunsplash Volunteer Application Form
Thank you for your interest in becoming a part of the Goa Sunsplash family! Volunteering is a great way of becoming a part of our community. If you are interested in working in events, meeting new people, and most importantly looking for an unforgettable experience, you are at the right place.

Some points before we get started:

- All sections pertaining to the application are compulsory (depending on the volunteering position you choose please answer section 3 or 4 or both)

- Please read the instructions before attempting the answers

- Please read the festival code of conduct + terms and conditions thoroughly before signing up

- By signing up you are agreeing to the festival terms, and agreeing to adhere to all of the rules

- Selection will be at the sole discretion of the festival organisers

- You will receive an email if you are selected. If you have not received an email in 2 weeks time, please assume that you have not passed through the selection process.

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Festival Code of Conduct
- NO consumption of Alcohol or ANY other intoxicants will be permitted while you are on-duty.

- You must show up in a position that is fit for work. Misdemeanours will be taken very seriously.

- Tasks are to be completed in a timely manner. You will be reporting to your assigned Volunteer Co-ordinator at all times.

- Running a festival is serious business, and while we want everyone on the team to enjoy, your priority will be to do your job and complete your shifts.

- Please maintain decorum whilst dealing with artists.

- You must show up at the festival grounds at least 20 minutes prior to your shift

- You must be present for all briefings
Volunteer Terms and Conditions
- You will get free access to the festival

- You will get access to all crew areas and entertainment.

- Your meals while on duty will be our responsibility.

- You will also be allotted some free festival merch.

- This is an unpaid job. For those volunteering in the street team, will be reimbursed for fuel and / or in some cases for bike rentals.

- The festival will not be responsible for your accommodation.

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