Sign-on: Comment Opposing Asylum Ban
On November 9th, the Department of Justice (DOJ) and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) promulgated a Rule entitled, "Aliens Subject to a Bar on Entry Under Certain Presidential Proclamations; Procedures for Protection Claims” (83 FR 55934, EOIR Docket No. 18-0501). The rule, in combination with a presidential proclamation issued the same day, purports to suspend the entry of individuals who have entered the United States from across the U.S.-Mexico border without receiving inspection at a designated port of entry. DOJ and DHS issued the rule as a "Final Interim Rule," meaning it went into effect immediately, bypassing the normal requirements for public notice and opportunity to comment.

The Rule is a shameful abdication of the United States’ obligation to serve as a haven for those individuals who meet the internationally agreed upon definition of a refugee. The Rule is also illegal.

DOJ and DHS are receiving comments on the Rule until January 8th. In response to the lawless nature of the Rule, the National Immigrant Justice Center and Human Rights First are submitting the complaint filed in the federal D.C. District Court challenging the legality of the ban as a comment for the agencies' review.

Read the text of the sign-on comment here:

The complaint will be appended to the comment, full text available here:

More information about the lawsuit, O.A. v. Trump, is available here:

Please send questions or concerns to Heidi Altman at NIJC at or Jennifer Quigley at Human Rights First at
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