Project application form
• The following work spaces are currently at the mill:
Industrial/home sewing center
Metalworking machine shop
Printmaking/ Art Studio
Picture framing studio
Riding area
Bicycle Repair/Fabrication Shop
Linens redistribution/processing area
Volunteer run Retail Store

• The Old Stone Mill Center Surplus Materials Inventory: (Always changing)
 Bicycles, bicycle parts, sewing machines, sewing machine parts, picture frames, seed/feed/barley bags, furniture upholstery samples/ fabric, baling twine, hdpe, Styrofoam food trays, Yarn, Polystyrene, Foam scrap, Marker parts...

Linens: ( All linens applicants please request our Linens Project Form)
Bed sheets, Chef jackets, Hospital johnnies, Scrubs, Kitchen Aprons, Dishwasher Shirts, Chef jackets,  Tablecloths, pants

• Criteria for Project:
Demonstrates: Reuse/redistribution/re-skilling
Redistributes/ reuses or remakes material(s) fromThe Old Stone Mill Center Surplus Materials list or reuses other surplus material(s)
Addresses/demonstrates volunteerism/Income Disparity/Re skilling

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First name
Last name
Todays Date
Project information: A 'Project' is loosely defined as a class, workshop, volunteer opportunity, pop-up, tour, speaker event, performance, use of tools/resource areas at the mill. It can be free or not.
Please feel free to skip over or type N/A for questions not applicable to your project.
Project name (if it has one)
 Description of project
Please describe how your project meets the above criteria?
How does this project benefit the community and the perception of reuse? Community can be defined as world or local community. Please be specific.
Your role and experience in this area
Will it reduce/redistribute surplus material(s)?
How much would be diverted from landfill?
What percentage of new materials would be needed to complete the project?
List those materials with costs if possible at this juncture.
Cost to participants: (FREE, monetary cost, in kind trade)
Donation to the Old Stone Mill Center:
 Date(s) of event?
Number of hours / days / weeks:
Would you require assistance from our pool of instructors to use work areas?
Minimum and maximum # of participants and what age group?
Individual projects are also welcome/please describe
What kind of facility, tools, room size(s) or outdoor areas are needed?
How would you define the success of the project?
What do you want to see happen?
Is there a potential income stream that this project would develop to keep the project going and benefit the mill?
 In what form would this be/take?
Would a spirit of volunteerism be harvested?
The Old Stone Mill Center Legacy
The Mill is looking for opportunities to allow its' environmental mission to grow over a long trajectory. We envision its' growth like that of a tree over 100s of years, a 'treejectory'. Connecting with organizations that have lasted over time is one way we imagine that could happen. Please feel free to suggest other ways.
Does your project help grow the legacy aspect of The Old Stone Mill Center?
Would this project be ongoing at the mill?
Would the project be easily duplicated in other workspaces/contexts? Please describe:
Would this project be fun?
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