New Economies Reporting Project 2017
Program Description:
Today we are seeing the emergence of a New Economy that “meets human needs, enhances the quality of life and allows us to live in balance with nature” (Vision Statement: New Economy Coalition). Building on the social venture movement, the environmental movement, and the many movements for racial and economic justice, the New Economy movement envisions a just transition to a better and stronger social, cultural and economic system.

This project offers reporters an opportunity to learn about the financing required to create just transitions; the complex transitions rural communities struggle to make from the old economy to the new; and the many ways in which communities invisible to the coasts (like Buffalo NY, Appalachia, or Routledge MO) are pioneering cooperative institutions that work for all.

Each month, from June-December, the Media Consortium will hold a webinar featuring grassroots community leaders who will brief reporters on a newsworthy under-reported story plus policy experts able to dig deeper into a specific element of the New Economy relevant to the story. Thanks to a generous grant from the Park Foundation, the Media Consortium will be able to award 10 outlets a capacity grant of $1000 to cover their reporter's time spent in policy briefings.

Grant Specifics:
$1000 grants will be give to 10 participating outlets. Outlets/reporters will be chosen based on the following criteria:
--interest (as demonstrated in the answer to the long questions below),
--capacity, and
--diversity of outlets and reporters.
Priority will be given to outlets that have a mission-based reason for a long-term engagement with the New Economy. Grants will not be based on need or Media Consortium membership. All reporters are welcome to participate in the briefings. We value having a diversity of life experiences, identities and perspectives represented in this project. We strongly encourage reporters of color and outlets serving communities of color and low-income communities to apply.

Applications are due by May 3. Grantees will be selected by May 8, 2017.

Program Requirements:
This form should be completed by an outlet on behalf of a reporter or by a reporter. Outlets completing this form agree to assign one reporter to a "new economy" beat from June 1, 2017 - December 31, 2017. Freelancers who wish to participate should contact joellen (at) themediaconsortium (dot) org for information.

Reporters enrolled in this project must attend at least five TMC-organized webinars on the new economy, and write/produce a minimum of three feature stories on the new economy (or the equivalent). All stories produced for this project must include an embedded pixel ping to be provided by the Media Consortium. Outlets must provide urls for all New Economy stories they publish/produce during this period to the Media Consortium.

Any questions should be directed to Jo Ellen Kaiser, joellen (at) themediaconsortium (dot) org

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