NAVEL Volunteer Interest Form
Want to volunteer towards a NAVEL Membership?
Once you fill out this form, you will receive an invitation to join Track It Forward within a week, an app we use to assign shifts to volunteers. You can then accept shifts or not.

Volunteering activities range from:
- Staffing at Events: Doors/crowdcontrol, welcoming
- Production assistance
- Organization/Inventory of resources at the NAVEL space
- Space maintenance such as wall touch-ups and painting of walls and furniture.
- Running Errands
- Event Documentation
- Outreach

To obtain the respective membership, you have to complete the following number of hours first:
For FAM membership: 10 hours total/year (usually two shifts of 5 hours)
For BFF membership: 36 hours total/year (or 3 hours/month)
For BFFL membership: 144 hours total/year (or 12 hours/month)

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